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Enabled Nevada – Assistive Technology in Action

15 Mar

It was an honor to interview Scott Youngs and Dora Utchel and tell their stories as part of the Enabled SYHallwayNevada website project. Both use assistive technologies at the the Nevada Assistive Technology Resource Center (NATRC).

“Scott Youngs finds that his disability and personal experience provides the necessary insight for his job.  As Project Director for American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Nevada and the Nevada Assistive Technology Resource Center (NATRC) at the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the University of Nevada, Reno, he says having a disability is a big advantage, because he has more credibility speaking from a wheelchair.  His clients see him as someone who is able to offer them  peer support.”

“Dora Utchel is just like any other mom and student. She is witty, humorous, sarcastic, works hard for her children and loves them unconditionally. She moved to America for a better education and a more promising future, as most immigrants, but with one distinction. She was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a disease in which the retinas, no longer receiving a rich flow of blood, become white and lose visual acuity.

‘I wasn’tDSC_7034-200x300 born blind. I was born legally blind. I used to wear really thick eyeglasses, but even with those I can’t see. I could sort of see, but not really clearly. So now I have now been blind for the last 15 years,’ Dora says.

Dora moved from Palau four years ago to seek a better life for herself and her family. She wanted a better education for her children, and for herself was eager to live in a place with more legally-mandated accommodations for the disabled.”

See the videos and read the stories of truly amazing people at the Enabled Nevada website.